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*----FRWC BOARD----*

The Falling Rock Walleye Club was founded in Spring, 1971, with Ray Taylor as acting
President. Ray held this title until 1983 and by 1991 the FRWC found themselves with over
600 members from all over area states.

With By-laws and Articles of Association in place, they then wrote out the purpose of the
FWRC. foster fellowship and fraternity among the membership; nurture the sport of fishing for Walleye Pike and Sauger; promote sportsmanship, conservation and good conduct in fishing and related activities; support efforts that improve fish habitat and related fishing/recreational facilities.

In 2012 the FWRC had over 600 active members with a 20 director board led by Joe
Egemoe, President; Walt Wright, Vice President; Paul Hughson (who took over after Alice
Hyde stepped down for family reasons), Treasurer; and Julie May, Secretary. It continues
to work with anglers and the DNR to improve fishing areas and ensure the fish population
is protected for future generations.