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-KIDS DAY 2013-

With high water there still was an abundance of fishermen and ladies out for Kid's Day this year, and everywhere you looked there were laughter and smiles. Because of the large amount of donations, the club only spent $41, so a BIG THANK YOU to all who got and gave donations this year..that's what this club is about!

Two in particular were John Kealey who donated $100 to the club; John is not a member, but decided to donate upon hearing the talk about Kid's Day. Also, Loretta Adams, who won the afghan and donated it back to raise more money for next year. The Deer Afghan will have tickets on sale later, contact Rocky Saland for details. Thank you to both John and Loretta, it's people like you who make us smile and show there are angels among us! The winner of the dice shake for the afghan was Loretta Adams, who donated it back. Congratulations to all winners, whether of prizes or largest fish, and a huge thank you to the donors!

Below are those who helped make this a great day with their donations for the 2013 Kids Day:

Loretta Adams
Deb Anderson
Brian Corcoran
Go America of Marquette, IA
Mike & Linda Griffith
Gary & Corie Grossen
Bob Hagensick
John Kealey
Krystal Kennedy
Mitchell's Liquor Box
Murray's Bait Shop
Rocky's Flies & Jigs
Rocky & Shirley Saland
Spring Lake Inn
Walt & Judy Wright



Bluegill-------AVERY CORCORAN------------.77 Lbs.
Bullhead-------NONE REGISTERED-----------
Carp-----------NONE REGISTERED--------------
Catfish--------KARLEY HAGENSICK----------3.34 Lbs.
Crappie--------LYDIA SALAND--------------.07 Lbs.
Lge Mouth Bass-NONE REGISTERED---------------- Lbs.
Northern-------NONE REGISTERED---------------- Lbs.
Perch----------AVA WYSOCKI-----------.80 Lbs.
Sheephead------ETHAN CHRIST-----------1.72 Lbs.
Walleye--------WYATT AHNEN-----------3.70 Lbs.

8-15 YEARS

Bluegill---------ALLISA BALKE ZIMMERMAN-----------.69 Lbs.
Bullhead---------NONE REGISTERED------------ Lbs.
Catfish----------AMAYAH HUGHES------------1.22 Lbs.
Large Mouth Bass-DAWSON ANDERSON----------1.63 Lbs.
Northern---------JAKE KAPLAN--------------1.89 Lbs.
Perch------------KAYLA KRUEGER------------.16 Lbs.
Sauger-----------NONE REGISTERED---------------- Lbs.
Sheephead--------NONE REGISTERED--------------- Lbs.
Small Mouth Bass-DRAKE LARUE-------------2.73 Lbs.
Striper----------MAKAYLA LARUE---------.43 Lbs.
Sucker-----------NONE REGISTERED------------- Lbs.
Walleye----------WILL AHNEN--------------2.92 Lbs.
Walleye----------ALLISON JORSTAD---------2.13 Lbs.