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Dave Knutson

Rocky & I attended the Genoa Kids Day on May 22nd. There were around 125 young anglers that showed up and participated. They all caught trout, had a great time and many left with some great door prizes. We did see a few of our members there, and found out they also hold an ice-fishing Kids Day which sounded very interesting. They drill all the holes and supply poles for those who don't have them. I'm not sure when this will be held but for anyone interest, I will try and find out the date.

At our Kids Day event it was announced that the kid's pictures would be on Facebook. This was in error. The pictures are posted on our website.

The site information is:

On the left side click on events, then scroll half-way down the page and it says "Kid's Day album". NOTE: we have found that some are having trouble accessing the site, but this is upper case sensitive any letters capitalized must be capitalized otherwise you will get an error message. I know the pictures are there, I have seen them myself.

Thanks again to Sherry Kuelz for all your hard work and time setting up the site and posting the pictures.

Ladies Day was a warm & humid one with some fish caught. I'd like to thank Dave Barlow for chairing this event and setting things up.

Also, I would like to thank everyone that helped Dave with set up, those that helped serve food, wash dishes, and trays, or helped pick up around the shelter. Thanks to all of you who came up and volunteered to help, even though sometimes there wasn't enough room in the kitchen area or we couldn't find anything else that needed to be taken care of at the time. The help makes these events run smoothly.


Alice Hyde has been our Treasurer and I would like to thank her for all of the hard work she has done for the club. Alice has stepped down as our treasurer, for family reasons. Paul Hughson was voted in to replace Alice. Paul chaired the Roundup event and has been taking care of the newsletter, getting it compiled, sent to the printers and e-mailed. The Roundup is going to be taken over by Brandon Hughson and anyone else that would like to help out. We are looking for someone that would be interested in taking over the newsletter responsibilities. Please let me know if that is something you'd be willing to do.


Dave Knutson