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The Falling Rock Walleye Club has contibuted significantly to many projects along the area where their club meets.

BACHELOR'S POND: FRWC worked with the WI DNR to restore the panfish habitat in this pond, which sits across the road from the shelter. It is a popular place to fish from the shore and with hopes, the panfish will return to the area and refill the pond again.

BLACK SANDSHELL MUSSELS PROJECT:During the summer of 2005 the club joined with the Genoa National Fish Hatchery (GNFH) and Iowa DNR in a minnow harvest this past summer to help feed advance growth walleyes at the Hatchery. Eight hundred fifty Walleyes were harvested in early November and inoculated with glochidia (larval mussels) of Black Sandshell mussels. Later in the year, the Walleye were released into the Mississippi River near Harpers Ferry, IA with hopes that when the glochidia complete their life cycle stage on the fish, they will leave the fish and grow to establish new populations.

CABELA'S MASTERS WALLEYE CIRCUIT WORLD WALLEYE CHAMPIONSHIP: In 2002, the CMWC was held from October 16-19 on the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien, Wis. Many members of the FRWC assisted the CMWC staff in the Championship in which a total of 331 walleyes and saugers were caught in the CMWC catch and release program.

GORDON'S BAY: The club donated to help pave the ramps and parking area with asphalt and since then has taken up responsibility for area lighting, signage, parking lot markings, and general maintenance of this public facility.

LYNXVILLE DAM: From 1986-87 Club joined up with the Army Corps of Engineers to create an accessible fishing area at Lock & Dam #9. Knowing how all love to fish, they helped develop a project which included concrete walkways from the parking lots plus a ramped walkway along the south extension of the main lock to accommodate persons with physical needs. While walking down towards the top of the south end of the dam, to the right of the walkway, you are able to see the plaque that recognizes this project and the joint effort of the FRWC and the ACoE.

SHELTER: The popular shelter located next to the Falling Rock Bar, houses a full kitchen, fireplace, and many cupboards for things which is used by the FRWC. It can be closed up or left open, depending on the weather enabling it to be used no matter what the weather or time of day. There are several soda machines inside the building as well the plaques lining the upper wall which are placed in memory of past Walleye Club members. Restrooms are nearby as is a playground complete with a half basketball court, slides and swings. Horseshoe pits are also located close-by as well as picnic tables.