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With all the FRWC does during the year, we knew those who took part would be interested in finding out the results of each "contest", drawing, and fish caught during the year.

So here you are, after each event, we'll try to get them posted on this page for you to see. Starting with the first major event of the year:

*2011 ROUNDUP*

As usual, this year the tournament was attended by many, but only a few nice sized walleyes caught. Following are those who came home with prizes from the fishing contest, as well as the drawings.

The drawing from the raffle was the big event of the Roundup, with the following people winning prizes:

1st PRIZE: $5,000. CASH-DAN WULKIN, Tustin, CA - $5000. Cash
2nd PRIZE: $500 CASH: RON EASTON, Eastman, WI
3rd PRIZE: $400 CASH: SHERI PAUTSCH, Leaf River, IL
4th PRIZE: $300 CASH: RICK BIANCHETT, Two Rivers, WI
5th PRIZE: $200 CASH: MARK STEWART, Center Rapids, IA
6th PRIZE: $100 CASH: KATHY SMITH, Brodhead, WI
7th PRIZE: $100 CASH: DEB MANTHE, Loan Rapids, MN
8th PRIZE: $100 CASH: DAVID EDGE, Potosi, WI
9th PRIZE: $100 CASH: ERIC KVAMME, Coon Valley, WI
10th PRIZE: $100 CASH: DAVID OLSEN, Orfordville, WI
11th PRIZE: $100 CASH: DONNA SCHILDT, Onalaska, WI


You will see some people won more than once, this only means they sold a LOT of books of
tickets. Remember the more tickets you sell, the more your name will be in the drawing,
so if you want just as many times to win, sell those tickets, people! Congratulations to the winners!!

$100: Paul Zimmerman
$75: Larry Weber
$50: Gary Schultz
$25: Paul Hughson
$25: Rocky Saland
$25: Marvin Fosaaen
$25: Devinelle Knutson
$25: Gerald Haglund
$25: Rick Bolyard
$25: Judy Norris
$25: Sue Martinez
$25: Ron Purintan
$25: Joseph Cole
$25: Rocky Saland



Remember to ALWAYS sign-up for membership BEFORE going out fishing! The winners this year were:

1ST PLACE WALLEYE: Larry Erickson 9.59 lbs.
2ND PLACE WALLEYE: Jerry Finney 8.87 lbs.
3RD PLACE WALLEYE: Jeff Wolf 8.65 lbs.
4TH PLACE WALLEYE: Bob Hagensick 8.02 lbs.
5TH PLACE WALLEYE: Jim Orient 7.53 lbs.

1ST PLACE SAUGER: Jeff Wolf 2.26 lbs.
2ND PLACE SAUGER: Walt Wright 2.17 lbs.

1ST PLACE WALLEYE: Connie Liska 7.88 lbs.
2ND PLACE WALLEYE: Eileen Butke 4.81 lbs.

1ST PLACE SAUGER: Edie Illinski 2.30 lbs.
2ND PLACE SAUGER: Linda Griffith 2.14 lbs.

1ST PLACE WALLEYE: Allison Jorstad 5.52 lbs.

1ST PLACE SAUGER: Drew Jones 0.68 lbs.

1ST PLACE WALLEYE: Jacob Jorstad 6.56 lbs.
2ND PLACE WALLEYE: Nick Szwankowski 2.26 lbs.
3RD PLACE WALLEYE: John Mullen 1.08 lbs.

1ST PLACE SAUGER: Nick Szwankoski 1.32 lbs.

Congratulations to all our 2012 winners!