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Since the inception of the Falling Rock Walleye Club in 1971, this organization has
become a vital part of the growth of Walleye and Sauger in the upper Mississippi River.

Every year hundreds of members flood the river to fish for the elusive Walleye in hopes
of landing the next "record" fish. However, even if they don't catch that "monster"
fish, member still enjoy the camaraderie which exists within the club. With plenty of
events to take part in, and new friends to meet, the FRWC has become a very large part
of the fishing community.

With it's pushing forward of sportsmanship, friendship, and cooperation, the club has
continued to grow with each passing year. What was once only a dream has grown into
a reality that is passed on from generation to generation. Old and young anglers
working together to keep the tradition going for the future.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to win, or just go out and enjoy an exciting day of
fishing, their hopes ever alive to catch that record fish on the mighty Mississippi
River. So come join us and be a part of the FRWC...the "big one" is out there waiting
for you.