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-2011 ROUND-UP-

The Round-Up had a fairly decent turnout especially with the cool weather and high river, the fishing wasn't the best, but a few good sized walleye and saugers were brought in. The results for the 2011 Round-Up are below:

1st Pl. Walleye------MITCH MABB-------4.58 Lbs.
2nd Pl. Walleye------ROCKY SALAND---3.72 Lbs.
3rd Pl. Walleye------JEFF WOLFF---1.74 Lbs.

1st Pl. Sauger------MERLIN MABB----1.14 Lbs.
2nd Pl. Sauger------RICK BOLYARD------.62 Lbs.

Congratulations, Guys, let's see if you can outdo the Ladies, we do have some fantastic Fisherladies out there waiting to show you up!